Classic Polyester Adults Mosquito Net Tent (Baseless) 7x7

Classic Polyester Adults Mosquito Net Tent (Baseless) 7x7

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Do you stay in a mosquito-infested area and are afraid that the insects might make your little one sick? Then get this double bed Classic mosquito net, and protect yourself and your baby from diseases like malaria.

Foldable Mosquito Net with Safety Locking

This mosquito net tent, easy-to-use net can be opened and placed on your bed. It’s self-supporting and comes with a safety locking feature which keeps the net in place. You can adjust its size as per your needs and also move it to other bedrooms, or even to the terrace. When not in use, you can easily fold the net and store it away in your cupboard or under the bed.

Frame and Net Material

This portable net has a frame made of spring steel and a terylene net which offers maximum breathability. This double bed net also has zippered entries that make it a no-fuss mosquito net. You can even wash it at home when the net gets dirty.

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