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PERMANET Mosquito Treated Bednet - White 6 x 6

PERMANET Mosquito Treated Bednet - White 6 x 6
PERMANET Mosquito Treated Bednet - White 6 x 6
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  • Model: Permanent 6 x 6
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  • Colour: White
  • Requires no re-treatment
  • Prevents mosquito bite
  • Student bed size - 6 x 6 ft

PermaNet serves vector control programmes with leading solutions that reduce repeat interventions, this contributes to the achievement of global targets through measurable health impact. PermaNet prevents vector-borne disease such as malaria, which kills a child every 60 seconds and claims more than 660,000 deaths annually. To date, more than one billion people have benefited from best-selling PermaNet bed nets. 

PermaNet bed nets employ superior technology which enables the slow release of the insecticide deltamethrin, and require no re-treatment or dipping. They are designed to meet the evolving challenges faced by vector control programmes, and both PermaNet 2.0 and PermaNet 3.0 are the most tested long-lasting insecticidal nets in the market.

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