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Security Gadget and Devices

Model: car key holder
Car Key Holder with Spy Camera. This trick Car Key Camera functions as a hidden camera, able. to record video & audio as well as take pictures. With a built-in rechargeable battery, there's absolutely no cords. Battery: 280mha 3.7V. Video is written to an MJPEG AVI file in flash memory. Compatib..
Ex Tax:₦5,000
Model: spy glass
This Hidden Digital Spy Camera Glasses, allows you to record both photos and video without anyone realizing it. It can portable record what happens at every moment. The camera lens is well concealed; there are no markings that would indicate this device is a hidden surveillance recorder. The in..
Ex Tax:₦14,000
Model: spy watch chain
Digital  Spy camera WristwatchThis spy camera watch DVR looks and functions like a normal wristwatch, but it actually records HD 1280x960 resolution video from a hidden lens. This stylish waterproof watch features a pinhole lens that captures video or snaps pictures with the touch of a butto..
Ex Tax:₦12,000
Model: button
Multifunctional button digital video recorder.Can be used for taking pictures and recording sound & videos.Hides in the clothing for candid camera.Built-in 0 GB memory and supports TF card to expand storage.Built-in lithium battery, keeps on continuation working.USB jack for data transferring an..
Ex Tax:₦5,500
Model: pen in-built memory
Spy camera pen including 4GB Memory with excelent quality of video recording. You can buy online for best price at our certified e-shop Cool-mania.comThe new model Spy camera in the pen or Spy pen, has a built-in quality camera with resolution of 640x480 pixels that records video and ..
Ex Tax:₦8,500
Model: spy pen
Not only used for writing but it also has a built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with HD camera which can be used to capture / produce high resolution photos and video.High definition DVR with voice lets.Playback video on your PC, Easy connection with PC or Laptops, no additional driver needed..
Ex Tax:₦9,000
Model: Table clock
Smallest mini alarm clock with powerful functions.This all-in-one Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with DVR, lets you keep track of what's going on in your home or office without raising any suspicions. The device's built-in pinhole surveillance camera and DVR are cleverly hidden inside the alarm clock's b..
Ex Tax:₦12,000
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