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Brand: Binatone Model: MK4-16''
Power 70W High efficiency blades 3 speed push button selectorSwivel & height adjustment Silent and breezySturdy and elegantBinatone Standing Fan A-1692(mk4) is the right choice for your home. It has a 70W power for excellent performance, now comfort is a touch away from you. It ha..
Ex Tax:₦12,800
Brand: Binatone Model: wf-1805
This fan comes with a pull cord for turning to ensure ease of operation. Despite being a low wattage motor, the airflow off this fan is the best in it's class. The heavy duty wall fans from Binatone stay up to its repute of offering complete peace of mind for the buyer. For instance, the wall f..
Ex Tax:₦15,500
Model: FS40-16CR
12 Speeds settings12 hours programmed timerLED display & Remote ControlSimulation natural, Slumberous & normal windSilent care noise low to 270dBEnergy saving up to 70%, only 25W..
Ex Tax:₦25,000
Brand: Midea Model: FS40-16JA
You can't do without a good standing fan. They do a good job of keeping the heat away on those hot sunny days. They're also cheap to buy and maintain and most can work on low volatge. A good fan will keep you cool and comfortable in every room at home and at the office. Find top brands like Binatone..
Ex Tax:₦10,000
Model: FS40 13QR
In the heat of summer, experience the soothing comfort of the stylish Midea Mist Fan’s cooling humidification function, ionized clean air and even repel those annoying mosquitos.Mosquito repelling function10-hour humidification function1.8L water tank8 Hour timerEasy touch positioningIonizer for imp..
Ex Tax:₦35,000
Brand: Midea Model: FS45-12P
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Ex Tax:₦13,500
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