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Satellite TV

Brand: LG Electronics Model: 32'' LK510
Key FeaturesHD ReadyDynamic ColourVirtual SurroundGame TV2 Pole Stand2 HDMIAVUSB(DivX)Satellite ReceiverGameDTVHeadphone outDynamic Colour EnhancerDrive a dynamic picture. Advanced image processing enhances the colour, contrast and clarity of what you are watching. Reach higher levels of picture qua..
Ex Tax:₦75,000
Brand: LG Electronics Model: LB552R
IPS PanelTrue Color AccuracyWide Viewing AngleTime Machine ReadyBack up Battery (90mins)Smart Energy SavingIPS PanelKnock it to know it. The secret behind LG TV’s superior viewing angle and quality is the panel. Just as the quality of the beans determines the quality of the coffee, the quality ..
Ex Tax:₦90,000
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