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Genius Kids Tablet

Brand: Genius Kids Model: G33
The All-New Genius G33 Kids 7'', WiFi, 2GB, 16GB Internal Storage offers a robust design and a very simple, Android-powered user interface. It's a tablet actually designed for kids with lots of child-friendly content that can b downloaded on the Google Play store. it also supports ZOOM and..
Ex Tax:₦22,000
Brand: Genius Kids Model: G8
The All-New Genius G8 Kids tablet is an  8-inch, Sim Enabled "IPAD FOR KIDS"; with a 2GB, 32GB Internal Storage that offers a robust space for Cartoons, Educational Apps, Pictures and many more. it also has a sleek design and a very simple user interface that is powered by&n..
Ex Tax:₦40,000
Brand: Genius Kids Model: Genuis
The Genius kids Headphones are a perfect size and fit for children - These headphones are lightweight and feature soft, comfortable earpads. Recommended for children ages 3-15.Designed with food-grade material and tangle-free cords, twistable, bendable, stretchable to withstand children's ..
Ex Tax:₦5,500
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