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Model: TP carbon 24
The Camlink TP Carbon 24 Tripod is a 3 section carbon fibre tripod complete with a removable 3-way pan and tilt head. The head features a quick-release system plus an in-built spirit level to ensure horizons are straight. The centre column is reversible and splitable, enabling the 3 stage high/low f..
Ex Tax:₦30,000
Model: Star61
Star 61 is the perfect tripod for non-jerky images and a steady hold on uneven surfaces, a top of the line tripod compatible with most popular digital and video cameras.The 3D tilt head has been designed to allow perfect alignment for landscape and portrait shots.Quick-release plate for quickly chan..
Ex Tax:₦20,000
Model: Manfrotto Befree
The blue Manfrotto BeFree Compact Travel Aluminum Alloy Tripod is a sturdy, compact tripod that extends to 56.7", supports 8.8 lb, and folds up to only 15.75". The tripod's legs can be spread independently, with two-position leg angle stops. The legs fold up and around the ball head, a feature that ..
Ex Tax:₦25,000
Model: WF - WT3570
The weifeng WT-3570 is particularly characterized through its combination of Tripod and 3D Panhead. With a carrying length of only approx. 67cm, this set is ideal for on the go and indispensable for photo travels. The aluminium material is very lightweight, but nevertheless very sturdy, so that ..
Ex Tax:₦15,000
Model: Vct-880RM
Product Description The Yunteng VCT-880RM tripod is a solid, portable, and affordable professional camera tripod with a three-dimensional damping head. To assure level pictures, a built-in bubble level is provided. Camera tripod quick changes from landscape to portrait are provided by the 90-degree ..
Ex Tax:₦20,000
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