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Air coolers

Brand: Binatone Model: Bac 220
Binatone Air Cooler BAC-220 is an evaporative air cooler with ionizer. It has a fan that delivers strong air to keep a big room well ventilated and cool all day long‎ and works very well for a crowded room. It is a unique item and it blows more than you c..
Ex Tax:₦58,250
Brand: Binatone Model: Bac 350
BINATONE AIR COOLERMODEL- BAC-350Remote control OperationHi-power air deliveryWater tank capacity 35LAutomatic oscillation (Left/Right, Up/Down)ION Function: Clear pollen, mold spores and bacteria.3 speed settings / 4 hour timer / Sleep mode for better sleep experience.User friendly design - ea..
Ex Tax:₦85,000
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