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Washing Machine

Brand: Midea Model: MFC80
8kg Washer / Dryer16 ProgramsiAdd TechnologyWater Magic CubeTouch Screen SensorPre Wash FunctionQuick Wash and Dry15 Minutes Quick WashFoam ReducerMagic Cleaning FilterSelf DiagnoseSpin Air DryChild-proof LockLED DisplayDelay StartAdd GarmentSpeed Wash Function..
Ex Tax:₦172,000
Brand: Midea Model: MTE80-P502S
Midea Top Load Washing Machine MTE80-P502S offers 8kg wash capacity and a range of impressive product features. You will take the stress off your washing experience when you deploy the reliable Midea MTE80 semi-automatoc top loader to tackle your washing.Get to enjoy sparkling bright, smartly c..
Ex Tax:₦58,000
Brand: Midea Model: MFC90-S1401D
Extremely dry polarized feature for rainy days.Wash hot water up to 90 degrees C, care for your skin as well as children in the family.Detergent deepens into each fiber with Eco Bubble technology.Modern ultrasonic cleaning technology, maximum washing powder savings...
Ex Tax:₦130,000
Brand: Midea Model: MTE60-P1302S
The Midea MTE60-P1302S twin-tub washing machine has a unique cover design, the water can be easily taken from clothes by the inner wind cycle which effectively improves water drainage effect. Besides, the Yin and Yang sides of the impeller are complementary and interact efficiently to clea..
Ex Tax:₦45,000
Brand: Midea Model: MTT30
The MTT30 Midea is also perfect for low volume users - spinsters, batchelors, small families and any user who doesn't have need for a large capacity washing machine.Ultra-compact3Kg CapacityIdeal for Small SpacePerfect for low Volume User..
Ex Tax:₦25,000
Brand: Midea Model: MAC100-S802
Midea top load washing machine is uniquely designed to provide effective and efficient clean to garments. Its intricate qualities ensure excellent wash. Quick, Easy and Safe to use. It features an Automatic Detergent Injection selected automatically according to the user's setting, Put the right amo..
Ex Tax:₦110,000
Brand: Midea Model: MFE50-S8002
Brand: Midea Capacity: 5KG Washer type: Fully Automatic Front Load15 wash programmeQuick wash Antifoam control Delay start Power off memory LED display..
Ex Tax:₦90,000
Brand: Midea Model: MFC70-ES1201-Silver
Midea MFC70-ES1201 Front Load Crown Series Washing Machine 7KG White has a low noise operation so you can do your washing at any time of the day. It has a stylish and compact design which lets it fit perfectly into your laundry area without taking up much space. It comes with 16 different wash progr..
Ex Tax:₦108,000
Brand: Midea Model: MTM100-P1103Q
The semi auto, twin tub Midea Washing Machine MTM100P1103Q will take the stress of washing off you, letting you enjoy sparling, smart clothing that enhance your image, all the time. The 10 Kg capacity Midea Twin Tub Washing Machine MTM100P1103Q has excellent features to give you the best washing res..
Ex Tax:₦60,000
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